Privacy Policy

If you have any security concerns or qestions regarding our bot you message Lost Paul#3453 on Discord.

What Information Do We Collect?

Information about the emoji log channel
  • The ids of the servers that have the emoji log enabled
  • The id of the emoji log channel
When you use the auto update option in the emoji list command the server id of the current server will be stored also the channel id of current channel and the all the other selected options.
Information about the blacklist
  • User blacklist
    • The user id
    • The reason why the user got blacklisted
  • Server blacklist
    • The server id
    • The reason why server got blacklisted
    • A comment on the reason
  • Emoji blacklist
    • The id of the emoji
    • The id of the server from where the emoji is from
    • More information about blacklisting the emoji (only if the user selected that)
    • The id of the user who added the emoji to the blacklist
    • The id of the creator of the emoji (only if the user selected that)
    • If someone tries to add an blacklisted emoji to their server their user id and tag gets send to the server who blacklisted the emoji but only if the server has a log

Where is the information stored?

The information from the blacklist und emoji log is stored on a vps from

Who has access to the information?

  • The developer of the bot could see everything of the data
  • The admins/owners can access some of the data of the server/user blacklist by using a command
  • The admins of a server can access the emojis from the blacklist which they blacklisted from their server

What is the purpose of storing the data?

  • It stores the server id and channel id because without it the emoji log wouldn't work
  • It stores the server id, user id, emoji id and the reason without it we couldn't detect if a user /server can use a command

How do I request that my data be deleted?

  • If you are in the user/server blacklist you can create a unban requests in the Support server in the channel #requests
  • If you want to remove a emoji from the emoji blacklist you can use the command blacklist remove or blacklist remove_all_emojis
  • If you want to remove the information for emoji log can you can just use the command log remove